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Service Characteristics
Business Process

1. Accepting the materials
After the customers' entrustment, we will go to the customers' in 2 hours to get the documents and then sign the contract and determine the word count and price;

2. Project analysis:
Project manager will list the terms and high-frequency words to be used in the translated documents, to keep the uniform style of the documents;

3. Assigning translators:
The company will select the best senior translators who have the relevant background information for translation;

4. Professional translation:
During translation, the project manager will always monitor the quality and progress, and keep in touch with the customers;

5. Proofreading and typeset:
The experts are responsible for the embellishment and the correctness of the terms; the professionals shall typeset the documents according to the original copy;

6. Delivery:
We will deliver a printed copy, a disc, or others if the customers need;

7. Quality following:
The project manager will keep in touch and communicate with the customers and record the feedback information in the files.

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