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Service Characteristics
Business Process

Strict translator recruitment system
All of our translators, selected and examined by the senior professors of translation and foreign experts, meet the following requirements:
(1) Professional foreign language ability; (2) Excellent express ability in Chinese;
(3) Enough background information; (4) More than three years of professional translation experience.

Perfect internal management system
In the company, the work is divided clearly and everyone has his/her own clear responsibility; the company will regularly carry out employee training, and strict performance evaluation; we possess modern office devices, LAN, advanced disc making technology, various kinds of software which can provide many formats in typesetting and ensure the translation documents can be delivered to the customers in timely and correctly.

Comprehensive secret-guarding measurements
In the Contract, we promise that "without the customer's approval, any translation materials shall not be disclosed to any third party";
The company may return the original copy to the customer after translation;
The company can delete or destroy the translation documents according to the customer's requirements and no longer keep the translated documents.

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